Valentine’s nigh

Love; a four letter word, simple to pronounce but yet hard to understand. When someone falls in love with someone or something they develop unfathomable passion towards the person or thing, it’s an ecstatic feeling you may say.  It’s the month of love so they say and to be precise


Prayer is a divine fulfillment of the mind and soul, a gateway to communicate to God Himself….. What makes life worth living ? God, Science ? Honestly, life is a mirage in itself. I believe in existence of The most High, God. Why do human beings pray ? What time

Women In Technology

Technology, is assumed to be far-fetched, when it comes to women.  According to statistics, women make  20% threshold in the STEM industry.  With the advancement in technology, we now gradually see changes whereby more women are interested in studying STEM subjects and in this case, Technology.  Having been in a

Depression ; Kenya’s Deadliest

With the onset of many deaths linking it to Mental health, Depression is today’s main focus, the silent killer.  A question might linger, What is Mental Health ? Mental Health, according to WHO( World Health Organization) “is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his/her own abilities, can

Corporate Mothers

The modern day mothers are the pillars of this world, heck….I’m not discrediting our own mothers, who took it upon themselves, to raise us. With the advent changes in today’s world, We see women struggling to climb up the corporate ladder and balancing it with being superb home makers! Pretty