Cats are amazing pets.

Cats are amazing pets and these little loves fill our lives with joy. Do you have a pet ? What would you consider when trying to adopt one ? Do you actually know that being a pet owner is one of the marvelous deeds in this world ? Their cute faces, just mesmerizes our souls.


For the longest time in my life, i have loved cats. My first cat, Ringo …… i adopted him as a kitten.  Everyone loved Ringo ……. neighbors too. He was charming, potty trained and loving. Its like he cancelled all the stresses of life ahhhh….. Unfortunately one day, he never came back. Someone catnapped my fur baby.

Then came along Blackie, he had a different personality……..

Welcoming these fur babies into our furmilies can be the best decision ever for any ”hooman” to make.

Cats are an amazing pet

The warm cuddles, the fun and games, them judging everything you do, isn’t that cute ? Having one will definitely mean, you got to work harder than before. Wake up in the middle of the night just to feed them their snacks, hiding your legs under the blanket from sudden “cattacks”, lol ……….they just pounce on your  feet, unbothered and unannounced.

Long ago, having a cat was solely meant for chasing away rats, mice and snakes. Most cats never took trips to see vets. Nowadays, that has entirely changed. Being a responsible owner, it requires you to ensure that your fur baby is well taken care of. You should be up to date with their immunizations, checkups and also neutering/spaying them in order to contain the population of strays.

Some few months ago, i came across a wonderful group on Facebook  Cat Lovers Kenya .  Being a member there is rejuvenating. I just don’t know what goes on my mind when i go through the posts made by wonderful Purrents.

The fur babies have a way of helping one overcome trauma, depression…..

You converse with them as you would to your fellow human. Someone might label you as that crazy cat person, but hey, who cares ?

For me, i can gladly say that … if i had another chance, i would be having a dozen of cats at my place, save for the severe allergic reactions….. Sad!

Lastly, its a shame that we have people out here, who breed them. Has it occurred to you that there are so many cats who need homes ? Why breed/buy when you can adopt ? What happens next ? Same as those who adopt and later on, dump these wonderful babies, why would you do that ? Before adopting, kindly search your soul first.

Honestly, i do not know what to say but …….. Seeing those cats and their escapades makes my day brighter.

Have a look at these wonderful pictures, shared from the group Cat Lovers Kenya . Enjoy

Cats are amazing pets
Ghost …
Cats are amazing pets
Ms Ghost, very famous …


Arent they beautiful
Bugsie is shocked …..
Fur babies
Clean up time ….. oops cover my lid
Look at my beautiful fur pattern
Look at my beautiful fur pattern
He is a rescue
Ari ……


Cats are amazing pets
Cat Photo shoot

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