In today’s society, we tend to feel caged by what others think about us. The fear grappled inside us, “What will people say ?” ….. It is okay not to be okay !

At the moment, with Covid-19 disrupting many livelihoods. Many people have lost it. With no one to turn to, we’ve shelved ourselves in grief , not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Times are hard indeed, to almost everyone. Lost jobs, lost loved ones , lost sanity ….. we need each other more.

With the current situation, it even thrice as hard to get employment. Many companies are  downsizing, most positions declared redundant, some sent on forced unpaid leaves…. Life has become unbearable. Pleas of seeking help from peers, remain unanswered. People are trying to deal with this issue in “their own ways “. Families have been broken, rendered homeless. Starvation is the new normal, or healthy eating with a fancy name –  OMAD .

It’s quite unusual to have thought, your life is safe, but in the long run, hit with the reality, It’s never safe for Anyone.

Its Ok, not to be okay.
Hope, Despair… It’s okay not to be ok.

Some will talk of savings. How can you save, yet you don’t even have enough for yourself ? Isn’t this insensitive ? We actually don’t know what depths people have gone through, to at least set  something on the table !

Recently, a woman lost her job, she went ahead and strangled four of her children.  It’s the panic of not knowing what else to do, fear of the unknown, aided by depression . A very sad occurrence… I lost sleep.

When will all these stop ? Who else will die ? For things to change in this society ?

With cessation of movement, you have to do what you ought to. Crime rates have increased. It’s a man eat man society. We’ve been reduced to beggars.

It is okay, not to be ok.

Once, i was asked, why i no longer write. I’m not okay. I haven’t had the motivation i once had. That’s it. Zeal, It’s is okay, that am not okay ……

People are dealing with issues, way beyond their might. Struggling to stay afloat, piling hope against Hope.

What now ?

Listen more to people. Help where you can. Be that support they direly need. It will come a long way. Judge less, be loving and accommodative. The virus is here with us, and before we go back to our normal lives… it will never be the same again.

   PSALMS 9:18
JOB 11: 17-19

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