Life Mid Update

It’s been a while, since i wrote posts. So, this mid update is to highlight what’s going on in my life. The motivation, the urge faded with the loss of my heroine. How well can one deal with grief ? The sadness within doesn’t go away.  It embedded itself on to the heart, to the extent of one leaving so many things stagnant….. immobile !

You'd ask, why a life update ? I think it's important for this blog and its faithful readers.

However, a great life was lost and will always be celebrated. The joy’s brought to the people around her… the sacrifices just to mention. Nothing supersedes the love of a mother.

As i come to terms with her absence, Life has been one hell of a rollercoaster.  Meeting different people from various backgrounds …… despite the varied impact they bring. Little or none at all, life gives us lessons, not regrets that we may have to carry throughout our living. I assume we deal with people based on how we were raised ?

Currently ongoing, are major comeback plans which are underway (smiles), with  me doing what i love most, writing.


I once sat thinking about life,  and thought to myself. What makes people love their home countries  so much ? What exactly makes them come back home, even after many years away ?

To me, I wouldn’t trade our Kenyan food for any other food. The signature dishes that make you love your existence ?

Even with the current failing state of the nation, there is no any other place as home. Kenya my country.  I carry the pride with me, everywhere i go ……

Some people will swear by our street foods ….”Mutura” served with a bit of darkness, dirt and chillies…. they say!

What of Ugali (Corn flour meal)? Tasteless ? No…. this is something we do treasure. No one can survive at least a week without having some of it..



To be continued ……..

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