My comeback was through grief ……..

Grief ? How well can a person cope with grief ?

I had taken a break from this site, citing “finding my purpose” and “direction”. Each day I kept on postponing writing the contents I had in mind.

Right now, I am a skull of what I was. Empty inside, emotionally deprived. I just don’t know how to cope with the pain, not physical pain but emotional pain.

Having prayed for a miracle, change in life. Little did I know that the miracle I was praying for was coming to snatch away my mentor, my Mother!

I try to tell myself, she is in a better place at the moment, but no…. that was untimely. She had promised to come and “Rest” as soon as the planting season was complete. Complaining that the rains had delayed. Oh mom, was this a goodbye ?

The day you were laid to rest, the heavens opened. It poured, never stopped!

Our pillar has completely been destroyed. No one can replace you.

You were unique in your own ways. You have done so much for us.

Always fought to see us succeed and earnestly prayed for us  your children, to make it in life.

No one expected this to hit us, the shock, the anguish…… emptiness that filled our hearts.

All we have are now memoirs of what you used to be.

My nights are never the same, nor my days. I try to be strong but, how well can one cope with grief ?

You gave us the best. Fell from side to side to see us stand firm. Your legacy still stands still. Shosh to everyone.

The giver, everyone’s friend, the patient one, peace maker, the counselor, a mother, Shosh …… the

Final Home for a loving Mother.

greatest Teacher, ever.

Even during your last days, you hid the pain. Kept talking as normal. Drank your favorite “cold” soda. Slept, and off you went.

Loosing a parent, is one of the worst things to ever happen.

You always did pray to never bury any of your children. God heard you, we were the ones that had to bury you, Mom.

I did not know, my comeback here will have to do with your death.

To me, you rested too early. You could have waited a bit longer. The doors were opening wider. Greatness was soon happening.

This pain is unexplained.

We now have to celebrate your life, your sacrifices and legacy, I promise will live on.

Rest in Peace Mom.

Watch over us, your children. I miss you, we miss you.

Now that you are closer to God, your prayers are directly conveyed.

Help us get through this.


2 thoughts on “My comeback was through grief ……..

  1. No one prepares you for the loss of a loved one, it happens so fast. The pain is just so enormous. The void left no one can fill it. Sometimes we go to bed hoping that you’ll wake up and things will be back to normal and she will be there with you.
    But the moment the casket is lowered in the grave thats when reality hits your mind that the person you loved is not coming back ever again and you’re left with are memories.
    She will be greatly missed but all her good deeds will never be forgotten.
    Rest Well.

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