My letter to you, a broken soul.

Hey you ? How are you doing ? Good i suppose ? I hope so.

I can see sadness through your eyes, the despair and you are on the verge of giving up; ending it all at once.

Hey, wait a minute! Do not do it. It’s too soon to give up. Explore your full potential. There is always a second, third, many chances towards life.

I know you don’t deserve all these happening to you. No one does. You didn’t sign up for that, I know you didn’t.

I do know you are tired of endless sleepless nights. Waking up each night, tired, defeated. You worry too much about what happens next in life. You seem stuck, confused and helpless. Just hold on. Hold on my dearest. Do not despair.

They cheated on you ? I know you gave your all. Do you know that, they didn’t deserve you! You are better, a winner, a conqueror. Someone is coming just for you. To wipe all those tears you shed for the wrong people. Hold on just yet.

Hey you, I know you hate your job. Your employer sees no good in you. What did we say about toxic work places ? Let your hard work steer you into a better conducive workplace. Favors will be bestowed upon you. Trust me.

They left you and moved in with the other person ? Hey, I know its painful. The children asking about the whereabouts of the other parent. Your mind is blank, bitter and angry. They get sick, all on you. I know it hurts. Although, all is well….. do not do it! Those children need you more. Just look into their innocent eyes, whom do you see ? A reflection of you. They look up to you. Remain sane. Hold on just yet. Their laughter, your medicine.

Tired of crying all night ? Tears are good you know ? They relieve the pain. It is entirely right to cry. Cry, soak your pillows in tears, when done, wipe them away. Look forward, work towards your goals.

Reach out for help


Your rent is due ? You have nowhere else to go ? I know the hurt you are feeling right now. Things will eventually work out. I assure you. Have the hope, and faithfully, your troubles will be solved.

Hey, you were betrayed ? Please, that person isn’t worth your life. Growth equates loosing and shedding off some people, from our lives.  Clinging onto negative people will block you from attaining your dreams. Their negativity acts as a magnet that pulls you away from prosperity.

Lost your cherished job? Wait, it wasn’t your fault. I know the current job market aren’t as promising, but hey…. something worthwhile is coming your way. Hold on, just yet. Do not do it.

Hey you ? No school fees ? Worry not. It is well. Something is cooking, somewhere, for you. It is not worth taking your life. We have had successful people, who made it, and later went to complete the studies that had stalled. At one point in their lives.

I know, you waited for your bundle of joy…. 9 months, cravings, nausea. Now you have nothing to show for it. Do you know that you were chosen ? Chosen to have these little angels at that time of their lives ? Lucky, you are. You are the best, don’t despair. It hurts, but be strong for the angel you just lost. They need you here. To tell the story. Another blessing is coming, be prepared.

Hey you, in this life, each individual has a battle they fight. We get to a point of giving up. Suicidal thoughts engulf our minds. Look at the person next to you. Behind that smile, is a lot of struggles. They aren’t giving up yet.

Hey, I know it is hard to find someone who will listen to you. However, we have heaven-sent humans. Who will give you a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear.

The fight is still on. Do not do it.

Hey, don’t let your family, friends and children down. Your presence means a lot to them, and me. Suicide might be the easy way out, but no!

The longest route bears fruits,eventually. Things are just being slowly brewed, to maturity…. just for you.

Do not give up just yet. Hold on. You aren’t alone. There are a whole lot of us here.

Suicide is not the ultimate answer.


From me to you, a broken soul.


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8 thoughts on “My letter to you, a broken soul.

  1. life is all about loving yourself and realising your true worth.Everything else will fall in place

    1. Its sad. We might assume they don’t love themselves but its difficult to understand mental illness. Even the strongest can succumb by just one simple trigger. Lets hope and pray that people seek help.

  2. Life is much more precious and beautiful. I live in the moment the rest i leave to God.
    If i love myself then it wont be hard for me to love my immediate friend.
    All we need to do is change our attitude towards them and show them some love.
    We all have a story. Thomas Edison tried almost a thousand ways his labaratory got burnt down but in the end he made it.
    Determination and self believe and God above all.
    Thats my take Joy.
    Keep up the goodwork

    1. Hello Mindi, currently there is no opening for writers. Will definitely inform you once there’s an opening. Thanks

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