Of widows and Orphans

Of widows and orphans ………It all seems merry when you marry into the “right” family and have great in laws …..

At the beginning ……everyone welcomes you into their family. Happy that their son/brother brought in a beautiful wife. They usher you with praises, everyone has something good to say about you.

Years come and go ….. life happens. Children are born and everything is running smoothly, as expected.

Tragedy strikes, their son looses his life. Even under justifiable conditions, you are the main culprit, you “Killed” him.

Everyone forgets, apart from his family loosing him, you and the children are equally affected by his demise.

What is it with us, Africans and death?

His family rushes for his vital documents, death certificate….. to bar you from accessing his “estates and grants”. The same empire you both built for your children.

TheyAfter death, no one rembembes you apart from your spouse and children. Of widows and orphans pretend to forget that, he had kids who he was fending for, and you, his wife whom he loved, deeply.

Do you know the importance of writing a will ?

Sometimes, a wise man will know the kind of people he has around and maybe, write a will .

Recently, a young man died in a grisly road accident. His widow, was the perpetrator…… according to his family.


1. The woman allegedly overturned the heavy vehicle he was in, to depict a road accident.

2. Blood wasn’t found at the scene, made her the prime suspect.

3. They had marital problems, she killed him.

4. She went looking for him when he failed to show up at home and left his phone unanswered.

These are just sad facts to read. From his profile, he seemed happy and loved his wife and children. His family too.

What surprises me, is the sudden change of heart once one dies.  Not only her, but very many widows and orphans undergo this ordeal.

Why are some families in our African society so evil ? What makes them think, these women didn’t have the best interests of their OWN children at heart ? Mishandle the funds of their son ? Huh!

What prompts them to fight for wealth they didn’t partake to create ? Why are relatives suddenly greedy when one dies ?

Another orphan, has no home to stay. The relatives who hold the credentials to the land they rightfully co-own, wants to sell it. Despite a valid will….. they feel entitled because they “worked” so hard to secure the title deed.

The orphan in question, has nowhere to go, other than rely on well wishers who help in their own ways. The said land hosts the graves of their mother and sisters, but they saw it’s worthy to sell it off …… such a priced possession. GREED

If this orphan had  made it in life. The same relatives would be hovering around, acknowledging how family should stick together….. Pretense!

Its sad to see how great families have been reduced to succession battles in courts. Families that were once together, fighting over properties, wealth.

Children suffering, because someone somewhere has issued a court order to freeze their kin’s bank account. Where did the empathy go ?

Indeed, it’s a high time everyone writes down a will. Men should secure the lives of their spouses and kids, they are the  family you have now. Honestly, they are the only ones who have your best interests at heart, unless you marry the wrong woman. Gen 2: 22-24

What are your views on this topic ? Feel free to share your sentiments.


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1 thought on “Of widows and Orphans

  1. We live in a crazy world. ..where money rules . People tend to forget easily and nobody cares but God..

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