Prayer is a divine fulfillment of the mind and soul, a gateway to communicate to God Himself….. What makes life worth living ? God, Science ? Honestly, life is a mirage in itself. I believe in existence of The most High, God.

Why do human beings pray ? What time is appropriate ?

Prayer does happen anywhere,everywhere you wish to have one and People pray for spiritual nourishment.

Do prayers work ?

Yes, prayers work efficiently.

Does it specify who should pray ?

No, it doesn’t. Anyone can pray regardless of their religious status/Faith.

What is the difference between  a religious person and a spiritual person ?
  1. Religious persons are people who believes in religion/cultural, belief systems and worldviews that establishes symbols which relate humanity to spiritual and sometimes morality which are built on a spiritual foundation. The persons belong to a deity of their choice e.g Christianity, Islam, Buddhist etc
  2.  A spiritual person is someone who believes in something, however he/she doesn’t  realize the science behind it. They believe in an existence of a higher Being
Why was i praying and my prayers were not answered ?

God has Three answers, YES, WAIT and No. Mathew 26:42.

Is it right to invoke the name of God ?

I always find myself doing it, Exodus 20:7 prohibits using His name in Vain. Blasphemy is prohibited and anyone who does so will be held accountable.

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Prayers each day takes the baggage away…..
What are the types of prayers ?

We have these types  of prayers, namely;

  1. Thanksgiving prayers
  2. Contrition prayers
  3. Adoration prayers
  4. Petition prayers
  5. Spiritual war far prayers
  6. Corporate prayer
  7. Worship Prayers among others
Are we restricted to a particular number of prayers ?

No, you can pray as much as you’d like. Keep them short and precise.

Our faith, is being tested in our day-to-day living. We trust in God and confide in  times of need, but do we ever stop and do the same when there is plenty ?

This is not a matter of being a Christian/ Muslim…. It’s irrespective of one’s Faith. I believe every human has that urge to talk to their thoughts, in confidence and in trust that their wishes and wants would come into reality.

Should we trust in Prayers?

Yes ! We are sometimes wired to hold on to what is not entirely ours. We cling on things that tend to exhaust our minds, bodies and soul.

As said earlier, a prayer has answers Yes, No, and Wait.

A yes means that whatever you asked for will be availed without waiting in Vain .

A no, is simply a no. No grants whatsoever. It sucks when a no comes as the definite answer, we need to let go. Even though it is hard. It is okay to feel extremely emotional when that one thing you ever wanted doesn’t get to you. Regardless of the prayers made. Trust and believe, it takes time but when your time comes, blissful.

Wait, in my perception, you are yet ready to receive His answer. God is still preparing you well to finally answer your prayers. Trust the process.

Sometimes, we feel dejected, lost, helpless and can’t have the capacity to change whatever we are going through at the moment. Prayer should be that greatest friend. The relief one feels after offloading a bucketful of prayers to God  is awesome, you should try it. In thoughts, pray, anywhere pray. These words move mountains.

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4 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. I always pray each morning when I wake up and at night when I go to bed. Prayer is a fundamental thing ! Brings us closer to God, gives us a perspective on our lives. Patience, and persistence. You do not need to be overly religious to talk to God as you’ve said.

  2. Often times our prayers don’t get answered when it’s more of our problems and expectations, in every situation you are facing God has a need in it, pray according to his will, to the fulfilment of his needs and he will answer us. Remember the story of Hanah? When she shifted her prayers to pray according to God’s will, she was given a child.

    1. Thanks for taking time to read through, we thank God for every breathe we take and every opportunity He sets before us.

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