Who makes the rules of life?

Aha, what is life and who makes the rules of life? I certainly have no idea …… Expecting less and living it a day as it comes.

Long ago, young and naive … i couldn’t wait till i get to 18. It came, nothing exciting happened! As a child, i thought, oh well, this is it. I had thought that was the epitome of life. Heck, was i wrong ? I am still lost and no, i can’t request for a rewind but  focus on the uncertainties of tomorrow. I would laugh hysterically how well i planned for my life, back then. Get married by 25, have the number of kids i wanted by 30, have that best career ever and live happily ever after. Life is a mystery! I am laughing hard right now. Lets just say, never plan for things you have no control over! I know i am not alone in this, yes you! You had plans too. Don’t look away, i know its true.

Is there a life manual ? If there was, i would have been the first person to get hold of it. I fear disappointments, failures name it. I love to see positive flow of life, but well who has the rules of life? No human does.

Wandering into the thoughts of unending questions

A set of rules saying, you must clear schooling by age 24 ? Who said that ? What if one had no resources to see them through school after attaining that age ?

Marry  a “tall, dark and handsome” hah aha …. Cinderella type of thoughts ? Let’s say, i once was lost but now am found. I hate walking behind tall men…… especially those who walk like they own the whole pavement ? Tall …. men, you lost me just like that!

Who set the rule that once you start something you Must finish it off? Anything that spurs negativity is not worth the fight. Holding on to the rope will eventually dent you…..


Mysterious ? Talk of domestic violence…. merry reception, people were happy, you were happy but before settling in your brain that, indeed marriage happened ….. Violence! Are there rules to persevere ? Who said so ? Myself, i have no idea. Do you.

I have so many unanswered questions about life. Who set the rule that a certain portion of people have to suffer in order to survive ? Why does it have to happen ? Why are some having it easy ? What did they do to make life easier for them? Was it the sacrifice of their fore-fathers or is it by sheer luck ? My heart bleeds when i see hungry children all over, and there are some with plenty to eat and maybe, waste. However, i blame no one. The science behind life is unimaginable. Just like in the jungle, only the strongest and wittiest survive…. Yes? No?

Who set the rules of life ?

I may assume that we are robots. Made to follow certain commands, inbuilt. We certainly have no control over how our life turns out to be, but have the capacity to steer things into the right direction.  Steer into the right direction, by whose power ? It’s best not to worry about tomorrow…. and live like the birds of the sky, He says. How though?

Who set the rules that, today you have it…. tomorrow it’s gone, or vice versa ?Is this a fair game ? Who set the rules of this game ? Why does one have to tread carefully ?  Why does it seem like one needs to pass through a sieve to make it ? Mysterious life it is, make it easier for people. The uncertainties you bring, can make one paranoid.

On my side, life has brought forth all the positives and need to say bit of negatives. I look forward to experience a new thing each day. Trying to make life pleasant by living on my own terms. If i was supernatural, i would change some aspects of it. Just a bit of shine here, there…. wallah… Perfect! My life is my responsibility, however much the mysteries it bring about.

Life has that bitter-sweet type of relationship with everyone. Although, living it is a gift. What lingers on my mind is … who makes the rules? Procedural-like rules. One has to follow a certain routine? Does the society have a hand in this ? Yes? No? Can we blame someone when it doesn’t go well ? What are your thoughts on life?

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8 thoughts on “Who makes the rules of life?

  1. Life’s Rules, boundaries are meant to be pushed,
    rules are made to be broken, why the destination and not the journey. Loving your thinking girl, thoughts to ponder daily, keeps my mind active.

  2. It doesn’t have to be lived by defined rules. Who sets them doesn’t matter either. What is more important is the fact that one is living… Love can’t be replicated but can be emulated

  3. God the Father sets the rules on how life has to be lived, he foreknew you and so he predestined, he knew that you would go through what you are going through now, God didn’t design some of the set backs that we go through but He has a way of using them for his own good if we believe in Him. Nothing catches him by surprise. At times he makes us go through squeezing for us to develop an intimate relationship with him, for refinement of character and to prepare us for our assignments in life. Yes he has the answer, he sets the rules, he watches, waiting for you and I to seek directions.

    1. Sometimes, the society has a way in which life follows suit. My beliefs, if everyone lived right, made the right decisions, defied all norms, it will be easier for some folks.
      I acknowledge the most High, however…. the science behind Life is unexplainable.

      1. I refuse to agree that the science behind life is complicated, ever met someone who according to you they are going through an extreme rough time but to them they know it’s a process and a season in their life, they ain’t bitter about it they ain’t questioning they are following and living in truth? Maybe not, but I have, and it’s what encourages me often times, that once you know who you are and where you are going the puzzle seems a little less complex. Identity issues seems to complicate our lives, we want to be defined by everything that moves the masses,and that’s where our complications begin. It’s only the Potter who knows what the pot can do

  4. “I would laugh hysterically how well i planned for my life, back then. Get married by 25, have the number of kids i wanted by 30, have that best career ever and live happily ever after. “ To some it played out well maybe it was luck , playing their cards well, or who knows what !!?
    I love this, we all had this moment like that time when you were still young and started having this weird thoughts of how you have some super powers.
    I belive you’re the one to make your own rules of life , you know whats the best for you.
    You owe it to yourself .

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