Away with the holiday innuendos

Its January, most dreaded month of all the 12 months in a year. Happy New Year! 2019 it is. Anyone with resolutions? From our side, None. Choose to live each day as it comes!

The holiday season just concluded, all the merry-making, all the fun, family, booze and nonetheless illicit affairs that have lasted a fortnight…GONE! Christmas holidays act as a relief to many people, however to most, if it were scrapped off, the better. The well off families go on holidays, second class citizens find their ways to their villages and the so not lucky are stuck in the city.

Families gather on this most crucial time of the year, celebrating what is mostly known as “Birth of Christ”. Woe unto those guys who come from divided families, those that don’t value oneness. It can be one hell of a lonely holiday. The prodigal sons of our land, finally find their ways back home. To some, this moment acts as a way to brag to their village mates….. Car hire swinging hired car keys left to right. Wonders, Don’t car Keys fit in Pockets? Lol, we have none of our own, so probably we have no idea! Ha ha ha

To some, this season is just one hell of agony. Fares are hiked, one can’t travel to the countryside with the little they earned. Saving is out of the question, It’s too little to spare some for the coming hey days. Reasons why you see many families, heading to Uhuru Park to pass time and maybe let the little ones enjoy themselves on that little budget they have. On the other hand, its expensive traveling with the whole family, shopping and also setting aside some money to ‘pay’ some long-lost relatives who think the City has money growing trees. Quite unfortunate!

January, and its back to business. All the fancy foods suddenly disappear. It takes wisest people who bravely brace the jaws of this month. Some people, end up taking too many loans to survive. Eating greens 24/7 heck, its healthy but maintain the previous month’s diet of “Nyam-chom” (Grilled meat), oozing down with brown bottled liquor. It gets more hard having a balanced diet for some folks who had spent their entire year’s savings on “Enjoying” the holidays.

The ever ignored Mama mboga suddenly becomes a person of interest. The unending greetings prepare her for the worst. “I need a loan for Sukuma, weka na nyanya mbili tutaonana baadaye”,coming from a person who hardly buys from her. Its not mockery but come to think of it, isn’t this really funny?


Schools reopen, and for families with school going children get the drill. Requirements’ list… a whole whooping A4 listing, demands! As a person who literally forgot that tomorrow is a stone-throw away, starts gasping for breath. Others did plan earlier, then comes the government with the confusion. Is it right to plan ahead without fear of impromptu changes? Sometimes it pains being a Kenyan. History has it, it’s the beginning of the month that lending societies and apps  have a feast. So many people to cater for, at exorbitant interest rates that they ignore to look at.

Overspending had them begging for leniency with the schools, landlord and most service providers. Must stop?

This moment is only great to ones who had themselves all figured out eons ago. Setting aside some small monies in regard to holidays. Planning ahead to enjoy all the 12 months of the year, rocket science but its possible. Luckier are the people who have their leave days in January, at least it’s less expensive. Hotel rates are down, not congested and pretty much more privatized. Serious business.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this……

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