Corporate Mothers

The modern day mothers are the pillars of this world, heck….I’m not discrediting our own mothers, who took it upon themselves, to raise us.

With the advent changes in today’s world, We see women struggling to climb up the corporate ladder and balancing it with being superb home makers! Pretty intense,right?

A woman has to juggle between her 8-5 job, head home to make sure everything is up and running . To those jiggly young children, the ever bubbly toddler and her handsome “mature” baby, the husband!. Its pretty hard, even if its cheap to get a house help in Africa. Sometimes, they don’t really work out!

Back to the career scene, a woman, who stays out of employment for 2 or so years, wont get past that Interview committee without raising eyebrows, and explaining where she was. No one understands that, having children and staying behind to raise them is also a full-term Job. Shouldn’t we also include it in our resumes?

Head over to homes where the woman is the sole bread winner of a family. All bills on her, hungry mouths yawning at her. How well can she deal with this issue? Resign from work? Start self employment? Grapple with the effects of overworking oneself to provide better? Answer is No, she has no options but suck it all up and act as that lioness she is! Brave up and do what a woman has to do.

The modern woman has so much burden. I know each and every one out here has encountered some challenges as a woman. You have to prosper in your corporate field, you also need to raise your children. Does it stop? Affirmative No! They both have to work concurrently.

Despite these, all you can see is that ever smiling mother, she doesn’t complain about how hard life is, trying to balance her life, her children,work and also with able men (carrier-wise).

Working mothers should at least be pardoned. Raising children is a hard task, a huge responsibility . To the HR-M’s, be lenient , that work experience gap has a reason! Lets keep the fire burning,take it easy!

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