Women In Technology

Technology, is assumed to be far-fetched, when it comes to women.  According to statistics, women make  20% threshold in the STEM industry.  With the advancement in technology, we now gradually see changes whereby more women are interested in studying STEM subjects and in this case, Technology.  Having been in a class dominated by men, the journey wasn’t easy at all. Deriving motivation from Ada Lovelace, who was the first  computer programmer, the future for Women in technology is brighter. Women techies  are seeking to tackle what most of our male counterparts do.

Growing work force

In Kenya, its particular to note that the numbers are rising. To mention but a few,  Judith Owiga of Akirachix, Jamilla Abass of M-farm and Cate Mahigu among others, show how technology has been embraced largely by women. They do take up competitive posts, innovate and work hard to bring out the best of Technology to the world.  In that context, it is noticed that many tech companies are now more open to employ as many women as men due to the same deliverables being offered. With everything being digitized, there’s urgent need of work force, that’s where women come in.


At work places, women do compete for the little top positions that are available in Tech companies. How ironical is it to be asked what an RJ45 is, however the same  isn’t being asked to their male counterparts. Even with the state of affairs, some individuals tend to think that women hardly know anything about technology. It’s a disadvantage, more likely, when searching for job placements. It places women to work a little extra harder to prove they are knowledgeable.

Sadly, Gender disparity  is still being  experienced by women in Tech. We need to believe in women and also give equal opportunities to deliver. I have met great women techies who are an inspiration. Encourage the young folk to venture into STEM subjects, that’s where the world is heading to.  Challenging oneself to achieve what is unachievable. Lets have more lady engineers, scientists, techies and the world will become a better global village.



Kindly share your sentiments on this,

       * How many women are in your IT department ?

* Do you know any self-made woman techie ?


4 thoughts on “Women In Technology

  1. I might tend to disagree a bit with the issue of gender disparity.
    Again on the issue of believing in our women, first of all you have to believe in yourself before someone else does.
    Lastly we cannot force all women to go the STEM you gotta follow your passion do what you love its your choice.
    Nice article keep up i see some greatness in you.

    1. The notion is to encourage women to venture into Stem… to some its just fear and a little bit of encouragement would do

  2. I have met several ladies who took STEM subjects . I drool in admiration when looking at them. Trust me, they are special.

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